Some 20 million Americans are affected by thyroid disorders…..that’s 1 in 13 people! And more than half of those people are unaware they have a thyroid problem because it frequently goes undiagnosed…until it gets severe.

  • Are you tired of running from doctor to doctor only to play “Russian Roulette” with different medications? “Here try this drug, that didn’t work? Try this one!”
  • Are you tired of taking drugs that don’t fix the problem?
  • Do you continue to struggle with chronic thyroid symptoms day in and day out?

Symptoms of Hypothyroidism

Are you constantly fatigued, tired, or sluggish?

Are your hands and feet cold?

Do you need excessive amounts of sleep to function?

Do you gain weight easily?

Do you have difficult or infrequent bowel movements?

Are you depressed? Do you suffer from depression?

Lack of motivation?

Do you have headaches first thin in the morning that wear off as the day progresses?

Is your hair thinning or excessively falling out?

Is your skin and/or scalp dry?

Do you feel mentally sluggish?

Symptoms of Hyperthyroidism

Are you suffering from heart palpitations?

Do you have inward trembling?

Is your pulse increased, even at rest?

Are you nervous and emotional?

Are you suffering from insomnia?

Do you experience frequent night sweats?

Do you have difficulty gaining weight?

Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis is an autoimmune disorder where your immune system attacks the thyroid. Patient’s that suffer from Hashimoto’s experience some or all of the above symptoms.

Let’s talk about the thyroid gland a bit.

The thyroid “runs” our metabolism. It is the “gas pedal” of the body.

Thyroid hormones have a direct effect on most organs, including the heart, which beats faster and harder under the influence of increased thyroid hormones (this is why heart problems can often accompany chronic thyroid problems in women, and perhaps why heart problems are more common in women under the age of 50).

The thyroid creates two hormones. T3 is the more biologically active hormone (it’s more important for cellular function), and in fact most of T4 (80%) is converted to T3 in the body’s peripheral tissues. So T4 is just a precursor for the more active hormone, T3.

One of the main problems in some thyroid disorders is that your body may have trouble converting T4 to T3 in your tissues (have you been checked for this?)  This can create a deficiency of T3, disrupting the body’s ability to properly regulate metabolism…leading to specific symptoms.

But there are new treatments now available…I am here to tell you there is NEW HOPE!

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